“The program helped me widen my vision and make more correct decisions in management. Teachers come from many different countries and are always enthusiastic in the teaching process, especially teachers with extensive teaching experience and learning content that are very well combined with reality, can be projected and apply directly to the economic environment in Vietnam and other countries. In addition, the program has provided theoretical foundations on interdisciplinary governance in parallel with updating modern development trends in the world in the field of business administration and project management. I feel satisfied and worthy of what MPM brings, and would like to thank the teachers who have always supported them throughout the year.”

Mr. Nghiem Xuan Hung General Director of Internal Affairs Division of Thai Binh Duong Group

"For me, MPM is very helpful with respectful professors."

Mr. Nguyen Duy Thien Giang Deputy General Director in Khang Hy Construction Corporation

“I am very happy that I have studied the Professional Master Program in Project Management (MPM). The MPM program provides general knowledge of project management and other business management. I really appreciate being taught about negotiation, finance has always been helpful for my career. MPM is really useful for everyone, you have the opportunity to use the knowledge you learned to apply in your current work, as well as help your career in the future. I am truly grateful to the teachers who have supported me throughout the school year, as well as for the advice I received in my career.”

Ms. Mai Do Thuy Dung General Director – AKA Furniture Group

"MPM helps develop knowledge, expand relationships and interesting learning days."

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Dang Project Management Division in Novaland

“The decision to start an MPM course is one of the best options I have ever made. It is the result of all the knowledge and support provided by Professors and friends. Updated classes relate, to current building problems, solutions and technologies. More specifically, I really love the diversity in the academic field, all Professors from different countries and cultures, which makes you learn about construction management in a very specific way. My experience and time in Vietnam would not have been without AIT and I am forever grateful for it.”

Ms. Marina Lapa Viana Civil Engineer from Brazil