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About Us

The Asian Institute of Technology ( AIT) has been offering Professional Master’s in Project management in Construction (MPM) in Myanmar since 2014. The Program has achieved a significant success in developing and enhancing project management professionals and organizations. This success is a result of three important factors: international experience in project management education, market oriented programs and curriculum development, and strong support from the alumni.

AIT’s Professional Master in Project Management in Construction (MPM) program offers at the right time for developing nations like Thailand and Myanmar as they construct cutting-edge, extensive infrastructure. We think that incorporating global perspectives into project management education will improve student networking and knowledge transfer. The need for project management experts is great in developing nations. Engineers haven’t yet been able to fully hone their project management skills, though. The Professional Master in Project Management in Construction (MPM) degree from AIT is given as a response to this need.

The program aims for students:

– To become outstanding managers and decision-makers familiar with the modern techniques of construction management, engineering management, and infrastructure management.

– To more competent and capable to manage international large construction projects.

– To be able to assist the corporation to install and develop project management system in a company.

The Professional Master of Project Management in Construction Program is designed for students who can both study and stay on the job.


140th AIT Special Graduation Ceremony


The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) was set up in November 2005 through the merger of two previous schools, namely the School of Civil Engineering (SCE) and the School of Advanced Technology (SAT). Historically, these two schools were founded in January 1993 when the institution restructured its academic units from smaller entities called “Branches” into larger entities known as “Schools.”


To develop highly qualified engineers and technologists who play a leading role in enhancing the industrial competitiveness of the region as it integrates into the global economy.


To become a unique and reputable multicultural center of higher learning in engineering and technology, offering modern multidisciplinary programs and advanced research in partnership with industries to promote sustainable regional growth.

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✔️ Reflecting the uniqueness of AIT, the following core values are endorsed:

✔️ Excellence in teaching/learning: Enhancing teaching effectiveness with full student engagement in the learning process.

✔️ Excellence in research: Supporting faculty to achieve their highest potential in research through collaboration with relevant industries.

✔️ Transparency in governance: Enhancing faculty and staff involvement in the decision-making process of the School.

✔️ Quality assurance: Establishing a quality assurance system for all academic activities.

✔️ Unity in diversity: Committed to the value of diversity among individuals and encouraging personal development through nurturing, service, and equity.

✔️ Culture of Collaboration: Valuing the synergistic strength derived from collaboration to enhance the educational mission, exploration, and bonding of the institution.


The study of construction, engineering, and infrastructure management (CEIM) equips students with the skills necessary to manage effectively and make informed decisions. They gain knowledge of the most recent developments in the fields of infrastructure, engineering, and construction management. It prepares professionals for leadership roles in the global construction sector. It shapes students into proactive leaders in the creation and upkeep of infrastructure.

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