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  • Public Private Partnership (PPP)

    What is Public Private Partnership? Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is a collaborative arrangement between government entities and private sector organizations to jointly plan, finance, implement, and manage projects or services. This model leverages the strengths of both sectors, aiming to optimize efficiency and resource allocation. Typically used in infrastructure development, PPPs involve sharing risks and responsibilities, […]
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  • Quality Management in Construction

    What is Quality Management in Construction? Quality management in construction is a systematic approach to ensuring that construction projects meet established standards, specifications, and client requirements with a focus on delivering high-quality outcomes. It encompasses a range of processes, practices, and principles aimed at preventing defects, improving efficiency, and achieving customer satisfaction. Quality management in […]
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  • Dr. Wassan Teerajetgul

    Dr. Wassan Teerajetgul Adjunct Faculty, AIT Specialization: Project Management, Construction Management in Rural Road Projects Nationality: Thai  
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  • Ms Sarsinatt Khriwaphun

    Ms Sarsinatt Khriwaphun Quantum International Consulting Specialization: Project Management , Claim and Detail Analysis CPM Scheduling and Resolution of International Construction Disputes Nationality: Thai  
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  • Mr. Burin Kunatippapong

    Mr. Burin Kunatippapong, M.Eng, M.M   Adjunct Faculty at School of Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure Management (Masters Degree at Asian Institute of Technology) Independent Project Development Advisor Specialization: Negotiation Management, Project management, Leadership in Project Organization, Commercial Nationality: Thai  
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  • Dr.Theerathon Tharachai

    Theerathon Tharachai, PhD Ahead Advisory Co.,Ltd , Founder, CEO (Bangkok, Thailand) Genfosis Co.,Ltd. Co-Founder (Bangkok, Thailand) Project Planning and Services (Public) Co.,Ltd. , Executive Director (Bangkok, Thailand) Specialization: Project Management, Feasibility Study,  Engineering Economics, Housing and Real-estate Nationality: Thai
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  • Prof. Christian Brockmann

    Christian Brockman, PhD, Professor University of Applied Science, Bremen, Germany Specialization: International Contract, Contract Administration and Public Infrastructure Project Nationality: German  
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