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  • Dr.Takayuki Minato

    Takayuki Minato,PhD University of Tokyo, Japan Specialization: Project Management, Project Cost Management, Project Risk Management, Project Financial Management. Nationality: Japanese    
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  • Dr. Santi Charoenpornpattana

    Santi Charoenpornpattana,PhD King Mongkuk’s University of Technology, Thailand Specialization: Project Scheduling, Project Financing, Project Management Nationality: Thai
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  • Dr. Chotchai Charoenngam

    Chotchai Charoenngam, PhD Chairman of the Board Railway Technology Research and Development Agency (RTRDA) Ministry of Transport, The Royal Thai Government Specialization: Project Scheduling, Project Financing, Project Management. Nationality: Thai
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  • Prof. Bonaventura H.W Hadikusumo

    Bonaventura H.W Hadikusumo, PhD, Professor Asian Institute of Technology – Thailand Specialization: Organizational Management, Project Management, Construction Safety Management, Construction Quality Management. Nationality: Indonesian
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  • The 5 Qualities of an Effective Construction Project Manager

    Construction project managers are often tasked with balancing a variety of duties at once. They are often responsible for overseeing the entire jobsite, but most importantly, must be able to manage and supervise a unique combination of individuals. These projects, whether big or small, rely on construction project managers to provide leadership, coordinate tasks and […]
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  • Effective Ways to Develop Future Leaders

    Training and education are an essential part of any business, but within construction specifically, its importance is paramount. Not only should workers be trained on construction skills and procedures, but they must also be taught how a particular organization or company conducts its work. By preparing workers from the beginning, construction companies can create future […]
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  • 5 Benefits of Earning a Master’s Degree in Project Management

    A career in project management allows you to apply your leadership skills while also assisting a corporation in achieving its objectives. It is not necessary to obtain a master’s degree in order to undertake this type of employment. Earning this form of degree, however, has a number of advantages. What are the benefits of pursuing […]
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  • What is networking and why is it so important?

    What is networking? Networking involves establishing and developing long-term relations of mutual benefit with people you meet in different places. Whether you are part of a sports league, attending a conference, or in the queue to order a morning coffee, you can make a lifetime connection. There are always networking opportunities all around for those […]
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